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I spent most of my working life at newspapers, both as an editor and writer. Working in journalism has been a way to satisfy my curiosity about life. Now in my early 70s, I’m most curious about this aging process in all its complexities. I’ve learned a lot through watching my parents face the challenges of aging: my father with memory loss and then a stroke; and my mother with severe memory loss and dementia. Their experiences have shown me the best and the worst—how I want to age and how I don’t.

In my last paid job, I edited a newsletter aimed at seniors and wrote about a variety of practical issues, such as how to get on Medicare, the latest on knee surgery replacement and how to find the best retirement facility. But I want to write about what it feels like to get older—in terms of the day-to-day challenges—especially in a world that celebrates youth and vitality. My hope is that in sharing stories, we can better learn how to age well.

Kathy Kaiser

Boulder, Colorado



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